Wow! I’m about 1 week postpartum and reflecting on what an amazing experience I had, largely due to Christin as my Doula! I was late to the game when it came to what I wanted for my delivery. At about 32 weeks, I decided all at once to switch to a birth center and go natural. I initially had reservations about having a Doula. I didn’t want my husband to feel replaced and I didn’t want an extra set of eyes on me if things didn’t progress as we thought. Christin immediately put those fears at ease and was such an AMAZING support and advocate for me and my husband. Christin is so full of knowledge and resources, an authority in her field. Her child birth class was extremely helpful and confidence building and she really heard me when it came to my birth plan preferences. She went above and beyond for us and we are so thankful!!
— katie, birth & CBE client
Choosing Christin as a doula was the best decision I made for the birth of my second child. Before birth, she taught my husband and I tips and tricks for natural birthing and answered our many questions about the process. After ending up in the hospital for an emergency induction due to pre-eclampsia, Christin came to the hospital to help me make decisions and move forward through a difficult and unexpected hospitalization. She stayed with me for the 36 hours it took to deliver, guiding me through every step. Her calm demeanor and gentle voice kept me calm. She held my hand, coached me through contractions, brought me ice chips, and even wiped my face with a cold washcloth when exhaustion tried to take over. Her knowledge of the process and how to take the next step forward was invaluable. I was then able to call her any time in the next couple of weeks that I had questions or needed sound advice from someone knowledgeable about birth and babies. I know without a doubt that aside from actually choosing to have a doula, choosing Christin made all the difference for my birth experience.
— Kimberly, birth client
Christin was so supportive during my birthing experience. She had such a calming presence and soft, encouraging voice while guiding us. In the days leading up to my birth, Christin came to our house and made sure my husband and I were prepared mentally and physically by showing us different techniques and talking about some of our fears and concerns. I definitely felt more prepared because of her! She eased my mind and made my birthing experience a success.
— Ciera, Birth Client

I am so thankful to have had Christin as my Doula. Through her unwavering support I was able to be so calm and at peace during my induction, that I had the pain medication free spontaneous birth I originally desired!
— birth client

I loved how she listened to me and never once questioned what I said or how I felt! She backed me one hundred percent and stayed by my side the entire time! What I found most useful was her calming presence and strength. How Christin kept me distracted with her breathing techniques.
— Alana, birth client

My husband and I would not have been able to navigate through this birth without her. She helped our family that was with us to come along side us to support in every way. I could not have asked for a better birth!
— birth client

Christin was a great doula. When I was in labor I was on the border line of getting some pain medicine or asking for the epidural because I never experienced unmedicated labor with my son I got the epidural. But, Christin helped me through everything and she was right by my side through everything she never left my side. I dropped a few tears on her! She is WONDERFUL! I have no regrets and I would do it all over again if I have her again. If it wasn’t for her, I honestly believe I would have gotten some medicine but I thank God that I was able to experience the birth that I wanted. The birth plan I had came true everything went exactly how I wanted and I was medicine free thanks to Christin. I would thank her everyday that’s just how great she was.....Thank You Christin
— Titiyanna, birth client


Christin’s Empowered Birth Childbirth Education class encompasses everything you need to know about the birth process. You walk away educated & empowered to have the birth experience you desire. Although no birthing outcome is guaranteed, you know you are equipped with the knowledge to make educated decisions.
— Jane, Birth Doula
Christin was very thorough! She made sure to go over all the details & that we understood all topics. She is very caring & a natural born teacher! I feel much more comfortable going into labor & delivery now that I have the knowledge she provided from her class! 2 Thumbs Up & 5 Stars!!!
— Mallory, Childbirth Education Client
Very informative! So glad we took this class! We came into this class pretty much just assuming an epidural would be necessary (a lot of fear on my part!). I’m glad that we are now much more informed about risks as well as empowered to try for little to no interventions!!
— Jenna, Childbirth Education Client